Kevin and Shirley believe that the heart of their restaurant comes from their staff, through their hard work and service they provide. This small dedicated team ensure Dining Room always provides a quality service, great food and a warm atmosphere.



Phone:  +353 94 9021861



Tuesday- Saturday

 6pm till 9:00pm

Kevin Stirzaker​  - Head Chef

Kevin Stirzaker left Manchester at the age of seventeen to visit close friends in Ireland. It was in Mayo that he met Shirley, the girl that would later become his wife. Working in restaurant kitchens from this young age, Kevin has always had a profound respect for skilled chefs.

Through an apprenticeship course with the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology he completed his qualification in the culinary arts, with an emphasis on practical cookery and classic techniques. While studying he worked in a local butchers, fine tuning his skills and gaining a deeper appreciation for fine quality produce.

Kevin has honed his skills through the years and has found himself leading the service is some of Mayo’s best restaurants. He has also worked in London, alongside world class chefs.

Kevin &  Shirley

“ All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”
-    Walt Disney

Working together in many restaurants through the years, it has been a life long dream for Shirley and Kevin to open a restaurant of their own. In this time Shirley has watched as Kevin developed his skills and rise to a leadership role. Together they have provided the best quality service by always supporting one another. Now twenty years on, they are truly grateful to finally live their dream

Vanessa - Restaurant Manager

With over twenty years of experience in hospitality, we knew Vanessa was the perfect choice to lead our restaurant staff. A trained chef, she brings a unique understanding of the food, its origins and how it is prepared, contributing a wealth of knowledge to the Dining Room team. For twelve years Vanessa has worked in Castlebar and is a welcoming familiar face to both new and existing customers of Dining Room.