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Two Course meal - Prepared for you by Kevin. Ready for you  to re-heat at home and enjoy Dining Room in your own home.  

2 Courses (Mains / Desserts)

  • Dining Room – Heat @ Home

    Reheating instructions

    1. Turn on and Preheat Fan oven to 190.c
    2. Wait for oven to heat up
    3. Place all foil containers for hot food evenly spaced in oven
    4. Set a timer for 15 minutes
    5. Put a medium saucepan 2/3 full of cold water on the hob and let it heat up to a simmer.
    6. When timer goes off carefully put all the ‘Vegetable’ contents (vegetables and butter) into saucepan with the water.
    7. Set timer for 3 minutes.
    8. When timer goes off turn off oven, drain vegetable pot. 
    9. With extreme care !! as all contents of all containers will be hot, serve food as desired and enjoy!!!

    Reheating instructions for claws and prawns

    For claws and prawns place foil container in 190.c preheated oven for 10 minutes, carefully as all containers will be hot, take out of oven, carefully remove lid and place all contents on a pre heated plate to enjoy with joes organic salad!! 

    Reheat instructions for Brownie and sticky toffee pudding

    Place the foil containers only into a 190.c preheated oven for 10 mintues, remove carefully form the oven as container will be hot, place into bowl and enjoy! ( the brownie also comes with a side of cold vanilla cream)


    Allergen list –

    Creamed potato – milk

    Garlic potato gratin – milk

    Roast Chicken – milk, sulphites, wheat

    Lamb rack – sulphites, wheat

    Brownie – (gluten Free) milk, eggs

    Sticky Toffee – Wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites

    Claws and prawns – shellfish, crustaceans, milk

    Salad dressing – mustard


  • Store in a fridge at a 0-4 degreess celsius, for a maximum of 24 hours

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